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Sophia Daly Rossin


Sophia tends to use animals as her preferred subjects for inspiration, employing their anthropomorphism to delve into human nature and explore her own emotions in an attempt to comprehend our species. Through this artistic lens, she examines relationships, social dynamics, taboos, beliefs, and perspectives that both bewilder and amuse her. Deriving pleasure from provoking thoughts through her artwork, Sophia aims to engender conflicting emotions within the viewer -enticing yet repelling, beautiful yet dark, serene yet complex, ultimately creating a sense of unease alongside curiosity. Her early influences came from the world of myths, fantasy, and the sombre narratives of Grimm's fairy tales. She would take the sweet, naive colour palette of her childhood, O'Keeffe and Beatrix Potter, and experiment by adding elements that would twist them into her understanding of adulthood. Inspired by the disturbing images of Joel-Peter Witkin and the brazen dark humour of Maurizio Cattelan and the Chapman brothers, Sophia’s Tea Party Etiquette series was the result. She then became fascinated with 14th-century religious art, spending hours at the MNAC, intrigued by the power of ideologies. She wanted to understand the meaning of the intrinsic value of things, such as gold and art etc. Her series, Royally Golden, was the output of such musings. It utilized a tongue-in-cheek approach, and with a nod to Bosch’s "The Garden of Earthly Delights," a personal favourite, she later would take a course on iconography and iconology, curious to learn more. Sophia continues to work with dead animals, casts of human sexual body parts, and objects from the natural world. Their forms, textures, and geometry give her endless inspiration. This, combined with the narrative of AI and new technologies she has incorporated into her process, she hopes to create a body of work that will reflect on the trajectory of humanity.


Art Work

Sophia grew up in a creative household in Bristol, a pupil of the alternative Waldorf Steiner school. Her Italian mother, a lover of classical and modern art, was a stained-glass artist and Dance teacher. Her Scottish father was a structural engineer with an eye for function and design.


On completing her Art and Design College education in Bristol, she journeyed to Venice, immersing herself in the world of classical painting and drawing through her studies at the Liceo for two years. During this time, she worked for Gianfranco Meggiato, a notable Italian bronze artist, learning to sculpt in wax and the process of bronze casting.


With a growing interest in 3D forms and contemporary art,  she enrolled in an international arts program located in Barcelona, Spain. It was there that she settled for several years, establishing her art studio and dedicating herself to being a full-time practising artist. Continuing to improve her knowledge of sculpting through her work for the esteemed Catalan sculptor, Samuel Salcedo.

Now based in London for the last ten years, She divides her time between her art practice and her contracting freelance business, SDR Creates. Built up through her experience of working in the industry over the decade, It specialises in Sculpture, Prop Making Fabrication and Creatures.



2014 N2 Gallery - SWAB - Art Fair Barcelona. Spain. 

2013 N2 Gallery - SWAB - Art Fair Barcelona. Spain.

2013 Award 2nd PREMI IDEA ART de MARSET. Barcelona. Spain.

2013 DRAP ART at The Arenas - Group Show. Barcelona. Spain.

2013 Publication in El Mundo  - Hiperrealismo y Sexo en Swab. Sophia Daly Rossin and Boris Hoppek.

2012 N2 Gallery - Group Winter show. Barcelona. Spain.

2012 Representing N2 Gallery at CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) - Group show. Barcelona. Spain.

2012 My work featured from Mr. Civit’s private collection in his Seminar at the Picasso Museum on ´Exhibiting Private art in public spaces´ with Carlos Urroz (Director of ARCO) and Francisco Godia Foundation.

2012 N2 Gallery - PREVIEW - Art Fair Berlin. Germany.

2012 N2 Gallery - SWAB - Art Fair Barcelona. Spain.

2012 BLOW GALLERY - Group show. Barcelona. Spain.

2011 DRAP ART - L´AJuntament de Sant Joan Despi - Group Show. Barcelona. Spain.

2009 DRAP ART - CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) - Group Show - Awarded 3rd place by HERA ResiduArt.

2009 GRACIA ARTS PROJECT - Curated and Exhibited. Group Show. Barcelona. Spain.

2009 UNTITLED - Untitled BCN Gallery - Curated and Exhibited Group Show. Barcelona. Spain.

2009 A Whiter Shade of Pale - Untitled BCN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2009 M33&1 - Open Studio exhibit, Metafora International Program in Studio Arts. Barcelona, Spain.

Education (mobile)
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Figurative Sculpture with Livia Turco 

London, UK 2020

Creative Media Skills with Stuart Bray - SFX Makeup & Prosthetics 

London, UK 2015

The City Literary Institute - Iconography & Iconology 

London, UK  2014

London Academy of Taxidermy - Mammal Taxidermy 

London, UK 2012

Escola de Cerámica de la Bisbal - Large Format Sculpture 

Catalonia, Spain 2009

Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Summer Course - Scenic Art & Props 

London, UK 2009

Metàfora Arts School - Contemporary Studio Arts 

Barcelona, Spain 2008

Liceo Artistico di Venezia - Classical Fine Arts 

Venice, Italy 2007

City of Bristol College - ND Diploma Art & Design ND 

Bristol, UK 2005

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