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Sculpting in all clays, resins & wax  ❖  Poly carving / sculpting    Mould making    Casting    Silicones    Alginate     Fibreglass  ❖  Polyurethanes    Epoxies   Jesbonite    Latex    Machine Sewing    Flocking   Basic Pattern cutting  ❖  Standard Tailoring & alterations   Upholstery  ❖  Set Dressing  ❖  Taxidermy  ❖  Taxidermy Restoration  ❖  Model fur & feather creatures   Model Making  ❖  Replica Props  ❖  Miniatures  ❖  Machetes    Action & Soft Props  ❖  Ageing & Distressing   ❖  Scenic art  ❖  Canvas stretching    Airbrushing & Spray Gun    Acrylic & Oil painting    Veil & Water colour painting    Drawing & Design    Electroplating  ❖  Gilding     Stained-glass leading & copper foiling  ❖  Soldering  ❖  Intermediate level Special effects Makeup & Prosthetics    Intermediate Carpentry    Basic MIG welding     Workshop machinery proficiency

Radio Podcast

Interview with Sophia Daly Rossin on Resonance FM

March 27, 2020

Art Then and Now 

42: Props to Art 

00:00 / 29:54

Privous workshops, teaching experience and talks 


Weekend Workshop - Sculpting with Recycled Plastics 

Bow Arts Studios, London, UK 2022


Day Workshop - Taxidermy for Beginners

Vyner Street Studios, London, UK 2015 


Talk - Westminster East Rotary Club - Sculpting & Taxidermy

Westminster East Rotary Club, London, UK 2013 


Summer Workshop - No Man's Land Clay & Plaster

Metàfora Studio Arts School, Barcelona Spain, 2012 


Summer Workshop - Sculpture & Mould Making 

Metàfora Studio Arts School, Barcelona, Spain, 2011


Summer Course - Facilitator for Sculpture & Mould Making Summer Course 

Escola de Ceràmica de la Bisbal, Bisbal Spain, 2010


Summer program - Art Teacher & Co-coordinator at Queen EthelBurga’s boarding School 

Village Camps, York, UK 2010


Talk - Practising Art - Invitation to talk as a former alumni 

City of Bristol College, Bristol UK 2010

I find great fulfilment in guiding others to unlock their creative potential through playful exploration, classes, and workshops.  If you're interested in what I do and would like to explore the possibility of my contribution to your creative program, whether through a talk to inspire and educate young creatives or by a tailor-made workshop that would complement your objectives, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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