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Wearable Art & Costume Props
the world of bespoke Soft Fabrication

XtraPhi is an exciting new venture delving into the world of soft fabrication, Clothing, Costume, Wearable Art, Costume Props, and playful Paraphernalia. XtraPhi caters to individuals seeking attention-grabbing, vibrant, and extravagant pieces by merging the disciplines of fashion, sculpture, and prop-making. It's tailored for Performers, Cosplayers, the Fetish community, Festival-goers, and those searching for unique Club Wear suited for occasions like Burning Man. 


XtraPhi introduces an innovative and artistic approach to clothing design, It incorporates unconventional clothing materials, upcycled objects, lighting features, and elements inspired by fetish aesthetics. Though in its early stages, XtraPhi aims to offer personalized made-to-order services, rentals, and an online shop showcasing ready-made, one-of-a-kind pieces available for purchase.

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